Rolly Teacup Puppies DEPOSIT / SPECIAL ORDER.


Regular price $1,000 USD

This option is for:

'Special Order' to locate a puppy that is currently unavailable.

'Deposit' to hold the puppy that has not been posted on the website.


  • Special order is a service to locate a breed and gender, a color of the puppy you want. Since a puppy is a living animal, no puppy is going to look the same. However, we can locate the similar ones to what we had previously for sale.

  • Once $1,000 deposit is made, the service to locate the puppy will start. Once we locate the particular puppy, the client will have first priority before the post goes up on our sales channel. The client has two hours to decide whether to keep or pass on the puppy.

  • If the client is happy with the puppy, the $1,000 deposit is applied toward the puppy price and the remaining balance becomes due in one (1) calendar day / 24 hours.

  • If the client is unhappy with the puppy we present, they are welcome to pass on the puppy and wait for the next available puppy. If two hours have passed upon presentation, it is considered to pass on the puppy. The deposit does not expire with the passing of the puppy.

  • Please consult with your sales associate for a duration of locating the puppy.

  • Please take a note that there will be $50/day hotel fee from the day of deposit if the cancellation takes place. If the flight has been booked, the booking fee will not be reimbursed.

  • $1,000 deposit is a payment for the locating the particular puppy. It is a service fee and not refundable.


Reason one

We have deep historic roots in the dog industry for years in Korea. With the experience gained from participating in dog shows, we have made special bond and connections with the breeders that are ethical and prohibit inbreeding who can entrust us with excellent quality puppies.

Reason two

We have partnership with prestigious veterinarians who cooperate with our respected and reputable breeders who keep all the puppies in excellent health condition. Our care team members have outstanding experiences to provide the best care for our puppies at the shop. Along with our care team, our veterinarians consistently keep our puppies in top notch shape and condition until a guardian receives their puppy.

Our Standards

A very high and strict standards are implemented on selecting each puppy from the litter. We personally visit the breeders and hand select the most outstanding pups. We travel hours to find the most exceptional pup from the breeder that specializes in a single breed; sometimes returning empty handed considering the fact that we could not find ones that qualifies our standards despite the reputable associated breeders we are partners with. Regardless of our stubbornness, the guidelines to our standards excels our reputation and success in the industry.

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