We have been receiving a lot of comments on how scammers are using our pictures and videos to scam people.
Some remove our watermarks, and some even use our watermark and claim that they are reseller or breeder we work with. 

  • ALWAYS use our VERIFIED CONTACT LIST. If you are talking to any other phone number other than what is on here, it is NOT US.

  • We do NOT message you directly on Instagram or Facebook to promote or sell you a puppy when you leave a comment on our post. Please check our verified contact list HERE to make sure you receiving a contact from our member.

  • We do NOT have a reseller nor our breeders have a direct line of sale to the retail channel. Due to such actions, we have decided to dedicate a page of our website to prevent these scam / fraud / impostors stealing from our clients.

  • We do NOT post our puppies on a dog-finder website, Craigslist and other local/regional classifieds.

To protect yourself from the scammers, please make sure to check the following:
  • Make sure they accept secure transactions. Paypal friends & family, Paypal gift, Venmo, Xoom, Apple Pay Cash, Moneygram or Western Union is NOT a safe way to do a transaction. All the above method of payments is considered as giving someone else your hard earned money as a gift.

  • Do not send international wires to the destination where it does not match their company address. If the company is based in the US, but the wire is to be sent to Nigeria, something is not right. Make sure that the account is a business account and not a personal account.

  • Make sure they are a legitimate business. Check their company incorporation or a business license. Make sure they are NOT expired.

  • Beware of local craigslist or puppies for sale section. We do not post any of our puppies on local advertisement listings.

  • Websites selling puppies for $500-$1,000. Can be delivered personally to your door for $300. If the prices are too good to be true, it’s not true. Having to purchase all that is necessary for the puppy to travel cost well over $300, plus the plane ticket for the puppy puts minimum shipping price at around $500 for a direct flight. A lot more if it’s connecting flight. If someone is coming with the puppy, the math does not add up.

  • The destination that we do not deliver to, especially for Australia and New Zealand or Japan. There is very strict regulation for the delivery to certain countries. If one claims the puppy can be delivered in a very short time such as one week, it’s most likely a scam/fraud.

  • Scammers will tell you what you want to hear. Be very careful!

  • If you are a victim of Fraud/Scam, please contact your local consumer protection agency, also file a Cyber Scam Report through FBI's website.

List of Scammers reported by our clients.
This list is not the only list of scammers.
There are new websites coming and going to scam people on daily basis. Please be very careful where you are purchasing from.

Beware of fake Rolly Teacup Puppies!
There is a user on the Instagram pretending to be us!
We came across a website claiming to be Rolly Teacup Puppies by using a hyphen between our URL. Please be extra careful of scammers out there.
Please check our verified contact list to make sure you are not contacting the scammers by mistake.
 1. Posh Pocket Pups
  • Using the old pictures from our and many other website, this scam website is listing the prices high in order to make people think it's a real website.
  • The way website is built is quite convincing. The person behind the website has spent some time to really make the website in details unlike other scam websites. 
  • Is the same scammer that runs the tiny-teacup website.
They use following website:
  • They use photos and videos from many places.
  • They use following website
  • They also make it so that it feels like they are multi-national company.
  • They are also using a reviews from companies all over the internet.
3. Beware of false links!!
  • They could mislead you by one or two characters within the link of their website.
  • These are all FAKE and are using copyrighted pictures/information.
  • Make sure you type our real link and please make sure they do NOT trick you.
  • For example: 
  2. (there are no dash marks in our link)
  3. (there are no dash marks in our link)
  4. (one "p" in the middle)
4. General Instagram fraud
  • The scammers contact those that leave comments on our post.
  • They claim to be us, but we do not have any other user ID other than rollypups.official
for incident that was reported to us by one of our follower, please visit our Instagram post at