Taki - Shiba

Taki - Shiba

From Ms. Monroy,
New home for Taki

Thank you Rolly TeaCup Puppies for trusting the CUTEST energetic, lovable, playful, friendly puppy to us!

From the first day we contacted RollyPups, the attention and service was very special.
I had one thousand questions (maybe more) and they were all answered promptly.
At the pick up time (2:00AM) I was being texted by RollyPups and asked to write back at anytime to find out how he had arrived.

You could tell he was socialized in a friendly way.
Our puppy loved all the attention he got on our way home; people stopped me at the airport and asked to pet and take pictures of him.
I know for a fact that another customer feels this way: the pictures and videos RollyPups post, don't show how amazingly cute the puppies are... when I saw mine, it was love at first sight!

He is so energetic and has the puppy bitting going on; so we have to be on top of him all day long, but its so worth it!! They take the buying/shipping/post-arriving process so seriously, you can tell they love dogs! If we ever buy another puppy, we would contact Rolly TeaCups again without doubt!!! ❤❤❤


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