Lucy - Maltese

Lucy - Maltese
From Ms. Glenda, 
New home for Lucy

I am writing this letter to let the doubters know, Rolly Pups, Inc, is the real deal.  Just like you, I saw the most adorable puppies for sale, all over the Internet.  I started to follow a couple of sellers online.  Puppies look a lot alike when they are babies which makes it difficult to catch a breeder using pictures from another site or reusing the same picture over and over.  During my search Rolly Pups took action to prove they are legitimate by posting their business licence.  I searched and searched for a customer complaint, which I found regarding many other sellers, but none against Rolly Pups.  I was taking my time searching because the price for one of these special dogs happens to be especially high for the common person, like me.  It just so happens that my 14 year old Yorkie developed prostate cancer and we had to put him down. Two days later my mother's 15 yr old dog, which was in my care, also had to be put down.  Then unfortunately my mother passed away a month later.  let's just say I was completely depressed.  The one thing that put a smile on my face was looking at the adorable videos Rollypups uploads. 

With all that said,  my 28 year old daughter was very concerned that i was impulse buying and that i would be taken advantage of during my stress. So she contacted April, questioned her to death, and came away with a video  chat with not one, but two other people who recently purchased a pup from Rolly.  Seeing them at home with their own dogs, and talking about their experiences really put an end to all doubts and we happily went through the process ourselves. 

I  cant thank April enough for hanging in there while we went through the process and asked a million questions.  In the end,  we picked up our very healthy and happy little princess from the airport and every day since had been a blessing.   She is very healthy and real. 


Lisa Gepner-Palmere

you can find me on Facebook with pictures of Luna (formally Lucy)