Kiwi - Maltese

Kiwi - Maltese

From Garcia family, review submitted on 02/08/2018
New home for Kiwi

Dear all,

I would like to add the following review on your website about my dog Kiwi (maltese):

"Dear future owner of a Rolly pup, if you're reading these lines, I can tell you I've been there before, reading for months every single review on the company and searching all kind of information about the puppies.

At the beginning I thought: too good to be true. I was sure it was a scam. But then I started finding real customers on IG with super cute and healthy dogs. Anyway, it took months until I decided to adopt Kiwi.

What I expected to find when I picked him up at the airport: an exhausted scared puppy, not trusting new people, probably sick, probably not that cute as in the pictures, not that small, and I even thought it could easily be another different puppy (not easy to know when they grow so fast).

What I actually found: the cutest dog I've seen in my life (for real), very small, very sweet, playful, confident, healthy and really easygoing. He was beyond my expectations, which were high, also considering the high price I payed for him. I couldn't be happier with this decision."

Thanks for giving me the dog of my dreams, you've made me really happy! I promise to love him and take care of him forever!

Best regards,


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