Fifi - French

Fifi - French

From Mr. Wang,
New home for Fifi

OMG I finally got my french bulldog. I special ordered her. After I paid the deposit for April to look for a frenchie for me, I was so concerned that since I already paid 1000 she will just find what ever dog and sell me or just simply disappear. Every day waiting for her to find my dog I was worried and expecting to tell her no this is not what I want. 2 weeks later April told me she found me a frenchi girl, when I saw the video she sent me, OMG this is exactly what I want, even better ! I was more than happy. I confirm with April I want this dog and named her Fifi.

Today picking her up at SFO was easier than I expected. April and Bryan already told me everything that I need to do and had the Korean air cargo agent called me. The agent told me all the details from where he located to what time I should be there. Bryan also proved me all the detail information that I need to track my puppy. Everything was so easy.

I already had some "wow" effect at the cargo office. All the workers asked me what is this dog? They have never seen a frenchi this small. And yes Fifi is tiny but super energetic ! She's a perfect dog ! I don't think I can get a better dog than her ! She looks healthy and strong at 4 month old !

Thank you April and Bryan ! I had an amazing experience! If anyone wants a special dog, this is where to look for.

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