Buttermilk - Pomeranian

From Ms. Mitoyan,
New home for Buttermilk

I'm honestly at a loss for words!

Our baby Buttermilk (Baby Gia now) is the most adorable baby on this planet.

Throughout this entire process, this company has been beyond professional, whether it be the legal, financial or educational aspect of buying and owning a dog.

Despite us not having much knowledge about how to keep and train a puppy like our adorable teacup pom, April & fellow other Rolly Teacup Staff gave us an overview of what to expect and what to do if confronted with certain circumstances.

Every time I have had a question and have sought out here help, I have received an immediate response back and that to me is SO important, because we are talking about a little life after all.

Summed up, I wouldn't have chosen a different company to get my pup from. Other companies were not as assistive or as knowledgeable! I was scammed on other websites, but this site is LEGIT and is WORTH the amount you pay. So get yourself a cute furry pal and get ready to fall in love. I cant imagine not having our obedient little Baby G around anymore!