Blake - Pug

Blake - Pug

From Ms. Funderburk
New home for Blake the Pug

I first looked locally for a teacup pug but had no luck.

So I reluctantly began looking online which I was very uneasy about.
Sent out some emails but the only reply I received was on a teacup Pomeranian. 

I only communicated with this person through email - never got a phone number to talk to them. I agreed to buy one of their puppies until they said they wanted funds sent via Western Union. That halted it then and there as that's a sign of fraud. It must've been because I never heard anymore from them.

Finally, I found Rolly and saw "Blake" and fell in love instantly when I saw his video! 😍 Seriously felt like it was too good to be true. But I took the plunge anyway and called the phone number on the website and crossed my fingers.

April answered my call as well as a few questions I had for her. Funny, but I was totally at ease with BUYING A PUPPY FROM KOREA!!!  I couldn't even do that in the states!  As soon as I hung up with her I put a deposit down on Blake. Within a minute of my deposit she snapshotted him being reserved to me.

She even provided me with references of which I did call after the fact of placing the deposit. Both references spoke highly of Rolly and the whole process. April and I were in contact by text and phone calls until it came time for shipping then it was Bryan who was just as nice and understanding. Bryan contacted me the night before Blake was to come home verifying we were ready for his arrival.

What impressed me the most was that Bryan and I were in constant communication through text the whole morning of Blake's arrival until I had him in my hands. He even followed the tracking on Blake's plane with me. I feel that they really do care about their fur babies. Blake looked cuter than he did in his video!  Blake was excited to see us as we were to see him. He had lots of kisses for us.

Blake's name is Poco now which fits him perfectly. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Rolly (and April and Bryan).  You guys have an awesome team.  I am definitely going to recommend Rolly to anyone looking for a new family member.


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