Luna - Pomeranian

From Ms.Hill
New home for Luna (Special Order)
I wanted to take my time to write Rolly teacups and express my experience with you. Me and my husband were looking and looking and we kept coming across scams after scam so we were very nervous and cautious about going through with getting a puppy online but I came across this site "RollyTeacups" so I inquired about it and did my own research on it and I felt 100% comfortable with continuing the process of receiving my absolutely loving, gorgeous baby girl Luna! I couldn't be happier with my choice and decision in getting her we had our eye on quite a few of them because as you see all there pups are absolutely gorgeous, If I could I would get them all! Lol and as some sellers edit and enhance their photos when I seen my pom online I didn't Think she was real I thought it was something out of a magazine or a teddy bear, so as soon as I saw her I was completely blown away by her appearance she looked exactly like the photos if not better! I'm completely IN LOVE with my choice and I couldn't thank the owners of being so patient and helpful with the process!

I'm so so so happy I got Luna and I can't stop looking at her, she's a cuddler and loves attention. I bring her everywhere I go! If I were to buy another teacup pup I would most definitely get one from this same breeder! Thank you again for everything! 🐾🐶❤
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