Annie - Pomeranian

Annie - Pomeranian

From Mr. Illescas
New Home for 'Annie' (Click for Video)

To say I was skeptical about purchasing a dog from Korea, was an understatement. But as soon as I saw Pumpkin's (Annie's) photo, I knew she had to come and live with us. I did a lot of research and I reached out to April and asked many questions. Rolly Teacup Puppies and April were extremely patient with me, and I felt more and more comfortable about making the purchase. From the very beginning to the moment that the puppy was put on the plane, April was in contact with me.

It was nerve racking waiting for the puppy to arrive at the airport. But after a quick stop at customs and some paper work, she was finally released to us and we could not have been happier.

We are not new to the breed of Pomeranian. And Pumpkin is absolutely perfect. From the moment we let her out of the crate at the airport she has been active, loving and playful. This dog was clearly well cared for and socialized. She is not afraid of people or my other pets. She immediately acclimated to her new home.

Some things you may have questions about: Will the dog be ok flying so far? Yes. Our dog arrived safe and healthy. She came in a small animal cage with a water dispenser and food taped to the crate. Was it hard to get the dog through customs? No. It was just a matter of a Customs Agent verifying that the dog's paperwork and shots were all up to date. After that they release the dog to you. Will it be hard to communicate with someone from Korea? No, not at all. All our communication was seamless and easy.

The process was so easy that I've already told April that when we are ready to get Pumpkin a sister, we will reach out to Rolly Tea Cup Puppies to help us find her. I can't say enough great things about the puppy or the service that we have received.


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