Millie - Poodle

Millie - Poodle

From Ms. Wong (From Vancouver)
New home for Millie (Special Order)

OMG!  It is real. My dream puppy is now a new additional to our family!!!!

I have been longing for a red poodle for years.  I searched for many places and none of those places had given me the excitement for inquiry.  Until I saw a video clip of a red poodle from RollyTeacupPuppies on IG and I immediately had to ask.  Of course, that puppy was sold so quickly that I had to special order one.  April was very helpful but that 2 weeks wait for her to search for my ideal puppy seemed so long.  I was a little hesitated at one point for buying a puppy online but I am sooooo proud of myself for sticking to my instinct.

April is very responsive, reliable, knowledge and thoughtful for all my questions/concern.  MILLIE arrived in a pink cage with clear labels and documents, inside the cage was a hanging bottle of liquid and the cage was lined neatly with wee pads.  She even attached some of the puppy food outside the cage.

Millie is a very healthy and happy puppy.  She is so tiny and gorgeous, totally draws big attention wherever I go with her.

I am so glad that I waited ’til I found ROLLYTEACUPPUPPIES.  I would highly recommend anyone with the puppies there. 

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